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About us

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Why Bali?

Sights in Bali

I don’t often meet people who don’t love Bali. This sun-drenched destination has so much to offer, beautiful nature, temples, surfing beaches, diving, delicious food, in Bali it’s all possible. With its special culture, there is also plenty to admire. If you decide to go on vacation to Bali, thanks to our unique advice about Bali, you can stay in various places and thus easily discover everything. In Jimbaran I discovered beautiful white beaches and here you can eat delicious fish by candlelight on the beach with your feet in the sand. In the north of Bali in Lovina I saw the dolphins dancing in the sea at dawn and the local fishermen busy catching their daily meal. In Ubud I was surprised by local artists who make the most beautiful sculptures, furniture and paintings. In short, so much to see and do, what impressions. That is why I am so in love with Bali.

Culinary journey through Bali

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most varied cuisines in the world. Everything is prepared fresh with spices bought from the local market. All ingredients are fresh daily. Rendang, Babi Ketjap, Ikan Bali or Sambal Goreng Udang. Indonesian cuisine has so many dishes and all inspired by also Chinese, Indian Arabic and even Dutch cuisine. But I recommend you to discover even more on your vacation in Bali! I found it very special to go shopping at the local market together with the cooks of the villas and to cook together afterwards. An experience I will not soon forget and can recommend to everyone.

The weather: much love from Bali

The whole year it is around 30 degrees, which makes Bali a great destination for a sun vacation. In Bali it is summer all year round, how nice it is to travel to Bali in our winter. From my own experience I know how wonderful it is to, for example, spend Christmas in Bali.

This makes it in my opinion also a fantastic destination for a honeymoon, a wedding or for example a yoga retreat.

You have a dry season from April to December and a rainy season from January to April. But even in the rainy season it often doesn’t rain at all or only a single shower a day. But nature is beautiful and everything is green, so actually the rainy season is also an ideal time to travel to Bali.

Stay in selected villas

To make sure that all my villas offer an unforgettable vacation experience, I regularly visit all the villas. I know all the owners and also the staff that works in the villas personally. So if there is anything new I am aware of it immediately.

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My story

I launched Bali Vacation Homes in 2016 after my husband and I discovered that the luxury of staying in a private villa with private pool and staff, is the most amazing stay you can have on your holiday.

We decided to build our own luxury private villa and shared it with lots of tenants all over the world. This became the company we are today. With more than 75 hand selected private villas, all fully staffed, we offer the highest service standard to our customers. We commit ourselves to our guest to find the perfect villa for their holiday.

Bali vacations: discovering the scents and colors of Bali

During my travels through Asia, Bali conquered a place in my heart. Everywhere I went, I saw the beautiful culture, the warmth of the Balinese people and the beauty of nature. I fell in love with the Hindu culture, the people and the delicious Indonesian food. I enjoyed beautiful sunsets on the beach and an idyllic picture of local fishermen and children playing. Taste local specialties like the Rice Table at a local Warung. Go shopping at a local market and be enchanted by the smells and colors of Bali. Have I convinced you yet of a great vacation to Bali, the island of the gods?


Luxury villas at the beach and in the mountains in Bali

When choosing a luxury vacation in Bali, my eye quickly falls on a lovely private villa in Bali. Modern style, Balinese style, directly at the beach or in the mountains. There are many beautiful private villas for rent in Bali. These are often equipped with all conveniences! Especially a luxury villa with a private swimming pool is a great place to unwind. All villas also have wonderfully sweet staff. So after a day full of activities, it’s wonderful to be pampered with a drink and a delicious meal. The chefs at the villas would not be out of place in a starred restaurant. I eat so well here that I don’t even bother to look for a restaurant. I decide for myself what and what time I want to eat. Or I let the chefs of the villa surprise me.

The manager of the villa but also the ladies who work in the villa are always ready to give me tips and advice!

My villas in Bali are very popular not only in the high season, the summer months and at Christmas, but also outside of that time they can be full very quickly. Would you like to book a vacation to Bali? Then quickly assure yourself of a unique spot away from the crowd! This way you can be the first to adventure at my newest villas.

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