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Explore North Bali

Explore North Bali

Explore the still unspoiled, original and traditional north coast of Bali!

The area offers plenty of room for exploration, discovery and activities. Beautiful beaches, dolphin tours, terraced rice fields, plantations, mountains, monkeys, temples and a number of quaint villages and towns are nearby, such as Lovina and Singaraja. This ancient capital of Bali is home to the Gedong Kirtya library where you will find the famous Lontar Manuscripts. South of Singaraja you will find Bali’s most spectacular waterfall, the Git Git waterfall. 10-30 minutes from your villa is the Buddhist monastery Brahma Vihara Arama, also called the little Borobudur. A visit is definitely worthwhile, as are the famous hot springs of Air Panas which are 5 minutes away.

You will find beautiful snorkeling and diving sites, such as Menjangan Island nearby and also one of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia, the Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, is just an hour’s drive away. You will be surprised by this authentic part of Bali, more and more people discover the still authentic north coast!

Explore East Bali

Transportation from the airport to North Bali

We can arrange transportation from the airport (or from anywhere in Bali) to the villa for you. Our private driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall (or lobby) to take you comfortably to the villa in an air-conditioned car. The transportation costs are RP 650,000 for a car for 4/5 people with luggage or RP 850,000 for a larger car (suitable for 8-9 people with luggage).

The transfer is not included in the rental price and must be paid directly to the driver upon arrival at the villa.

You can arrange the return trip to the airport (or any other place) with our staff while staying at the villa.

You can also use our private driver for day trips or cab services. Most of our guests do so. Appointments can be made through our villa staff or through our help desk. The driver speaks very good English and is a good guide, he knows the nicest places and hotspots to visit in Bali! The use of an air-conditioned car with driver is only RP 650,000 per day (4-5 people) and RP 850,000 for a large car (8-9 people) this includes the car rental, fuel and English speaking driver for 8 hours per day. Each additional hour costs RP 100,000 extra.

There is also an option to rent motorcycles / scooters for RP 60,000 – RP 80,000 per day, including insurance. The staff can easily arrange this for you, even at short notice.


Must do activities:

  • •Hike the extensive route and rainforests around the village of Mayong
    •Snorkelling or diving in the nature park Menjangan Island
    •Swimming and exploring the many waterfalls like Sekumpul
    •Visit the historically rich former capital Singaraja
    •Bathe in the hot water springs of Banjar
    •Visit the Buddhist temple in Banjar
    •Zip line and experience climbing at the Botanical Gardens in Bedugul
    •Enjoy dining, shopping and activities in Lovina
    •Enjoy Krisna adventure park, parasailing, jet ski, ATV, climbing and more
    •Visit a local market
    •A motorbike ride through the beautiful nature of north Bali
    •Explore the Crater lakes Bedugul area
    •Visit Batukaru, the second highest volcano in Bali
    •Visit the Ulun Danu Beratan temple
    • Take a romantic dinner at Spice Beach Club
    • enjoy a massage at the villa
    •Take a dip in your own private pool

You will be surprised by this authentic part of Bali, more and more people are discovering the still pristine, unspoiled and authentic north coast!


Relaxation and celebration

In need of relaxation? Enjoy a wonderful Balinese or Thai massage, easily organized by the staff. They will be happy to come to the villa.

Something to celebrate? Visit the new Pepito market in the center of Lovina with an impressive selection of western cheese, meat, bread, antipasti, wine, spirits and beer. And they have many more western products!

Algemeen Twin Lakes Bali Vacation Homes

Twin Lakes

Besides the (easy) trekking to one part of the lakes, you can have the second Bali Swing experience here. It is also one of the most breathtaking viewpoints to take a photo!

If you do the trekking it is usually better to pay for a guide, as they will organize a canoe that will take you to two ‘hidden’ jungle temples – the Telaga Aye Temple and the Dalem Temple. This is usually not possible without a guide.

Looking for more to do in/around the Twin Lakes? You can rent a kayak or even go fishing at the lake. There are also some beautiful waterfalls! Consult with your villa staff to organize this for you!



The famous village of Lovina, the most touristic center of the north, can be found here. Here you will find many cozy restaurants (including some Western-oriented and high class) but no McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken) and cafes where there is often live music. Or take a bite and drink at the Beach Club on Lovina Beach!


Mayong Cultural Walk

Mayong Cultural Walk is a visit to Putu Artana and Ria’s family in the village of Mayong in North Bali for a walking tour of the rice fields, terraces and countryside, followed by a traditional Balinese lunch cooked by Ria.

Mayong Cultural Walk is relatively easy for children, elderly, experienced or inexperienced hikers!


Explore and discover

Beautiful beaches, dolphin trips, terraced rice-fields, plantations, mountains, monkeys, temples and some nice villages and towns are close by, such as Lovina and Singaraja. This old capital of Bali is home to the Gedong Kirtya library where you will find the famous Lontar Manuscripts.

South of Singaraja you find he most spectacular waterfall of Bali, the Git Git waterfall. Also in the north the Buddhist monastery, Brahma Vihara Arama, also called the little Borobudur, is worth a visit, just as the famous Hot Springs of Air Panas which are 5 minutes away from the Buddhist monastery.

You will find wonderful snorkeling and diving sites, such as Menjangan Island nearby and also one of the finest golf courses in Asia, the Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, is just an hour’s drive away.

villa the longhouse staff


Your personal villa staff will also be available to help with tours /travel /transportation/ babysitting, arrange massages and spas and generally provide advice and information to ensure you have a truly unforgettable vacation experience.

Ask them to share the kitchen with you so you can learn to prepare the most delicious Indonesian dishes!

Let them teach you how to make the little sacrificial baskets they use for their daily ceremony. You will enjoy it!

Dolphin tour Lovina

Dolphin Tour:

The dolphin tours at Lovina Beach remain one of the main nature attractions of this quiet and relaxing coastal town in North Bali. What this black sand beach lacks in comparison to the beaches around the south of the island, it makes up for in frequent dolphin sightings in these calm waters. In the past, at dawn, local fishermen in traditional outriggers would set out for their daily catch in the bay, and so would the dolphins.

This unique kinship between man and dolphin has evolved over time – hunting pods led local fishermen to schools of sardines and mackerel, and similarly the dolphins joined the craze following the cast nets. Occasionally the cetaceans would surface to watch the action from above. Fishermen now regularly take visitors on dolphin-watching trips to see their aquatic friends of the Bali Ocean.



The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is one of the nine “Kahyangan Jagat Temples” that surround the island of Bali, making it one of the most important temples for the Balinese, especially the Hindus. It consists of five temple complexes and a Buddhist stupa, there are:

  • Penataran Agung Temple
  • Dalem Purwa Temple
  • Taman Beiji Temple
  • Lingga Petak Temple (in the middle of Lake Beratan)
  • Prajapati Temple
  • Buddhist Stupa

Geographically, the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is located about 1200 meters high above sea level and is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of mountain scenery with fresh air. This place has become one of the icons of travel in Bali and has been visited by many visitors from home and abroad who spend their time there during their Bali vacations.


Brahma Vihara Arama Temple

The temple complex enjoys a wonderful hillside setting such as brilliant orange tile roof stand over an entrance gate guarded by fine two Naga, with bell tower in the corner of middle courtyard. Every step’s up to the temple has Buddha wisdom also around the walls.

A lower temple with a gold Buddha is from Thailand as a centerpiece, carved stone plaques showing scene from Buddha’s life on all the main temple, and colorful Buddhist to the left of the top temple. Further up you’ll see the founder of the temple next to it is several big Stupas, in this part is the most interesting of the monastery, and magnet for pilgrimages. It well knows as Vihara Buddha Banjar, is biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. It is located at a hilly area at Tehege Village, Desa Banjar, Buleleng Regency about 22 km west of Singaraja city. Due to its location in a hilly area, Brahmavihara Arama has a silent and peaceful atmosphere and it’s perfect as a spiritual area.

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