Is traveling in Bali ideal with children, people might wonder? It is of course quite a bit of flying and then most people choose to travel with their kits to a campsite in sunny Spain or the South of France. But you will also spend a lot of hours in the car.

Bali has it all

Bali actually has everything to offer for families, whether you come with babies, toddlers or teenagers. Bali has very fun, exciting and relaxing activities for the whole family. Beautiful beaches, rice fields, waterfalls, but also amusement parks with water slides, zoos and monkey forests. In addition, you can rent great luxury private villas in Bali where you can relax with your children in a large private pool. As parents, you don’t have to get up early to put your towel by the pool, how nice is that. These private Bali villas also have staff. And oh oh, believe me, how delicious this is! A nanny who takes care of the little ones so that mom and dad can enjoy a nice massage at the villa. Or how about not having to cook for yourself! The ladies who work at the Balinese holiday villas can cook excellent! Every day you will be spoiled with the best Indonesian or Western meals. Your drinks are poured and your laundry is done. In short, all the time to enjoy with the family without having to worry about daily housekeeping.

villa agus mas bali vacation homes

Villa Agus Mas  Bali Vacation Homes

Traveling in Bali

Bali is also very easy to travel, a car with driver costs a fraction of what it cost in your home country. Of course, child seats can also be provided, so you can make beautiful day trips as a family through the overwhelming nature of Bali. Bali is not that big, about the size of the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. So you don’t have to make very long trips to undertake fun activities with the family.

Bali beach, beach and more beach

Vali has a lot of beach. In Sanur you will find wonderful wide white sandy beaches with a beautiful boulevard along it. Super cozy and really a lovely family place. In the north of Bali you will find the black sandy beaches. Not very suitable for a beach holiday but you will find great luxury private villas there. For me personally one of my favorite places in Bali. Near Lovina where you will find shops and restaurants but still far away from all the hustle and bustle. And if you’re talking about a family vacation, how about the dolphins that can be seen off the coast in Lovina every morning during sunrise. An experience that your children will not soon forget.

It is always summer in Bali

In Bali it is also summer all year round. In short, in our summer it’s beautiful weather there, it’s 30 degrees and clear blue skies. But it is also wonderful to stay in our winter, because it’s still 30 degrees. So if your children are not yet of school age, then Bali is a fantastic holiday destination out of peak season.

Children are very welcome in Bali

Balinese simply love children. They are real family people. You never feel too much or embarrassed when you come with your children. In a restaurant or local restaurant (“Warung”) they will always ensure that they also prepare a delicious meal for the children. Slightly less spicy and spicy but very tasty.

Excellent medical facilities

You do not have to take malaria tablets for Bali. DTP is recommended, but children already have this standard in their national vaccination program. Hospitals in major cities such as Denpassar are quite well-equipped, contrary to popular belief. So if it’s necessary to go there with your children, they will also be taken care of there.

What are we all going to do with the kids in Bali?

How about surfing at Jimbaran or snorkeling at Menjangan, dolphin spotting at Lovina, Monkey Forest in Ubud or visiting the beautiful rice fields of Jatiluwih, climbing in the climbing forest or learning how to make Batik cloths yourself. Follow a Balinese cooking class, a wonderful massage at the villa or a children’s dance class. For the older children – and young adults – there are also great beach clubs in Bali and not to forget Bali is also a shopping paradise. It is all possible in Bali this and much more.


Monkey Forrest Ubud

Can we already travel to Bali again?

Unfortunately we cannot travel to Bali at the moment. Because just like the rest of the world, Bali is also locked because of the Corona crisis. But as soon as we can fly again and Bali has the lock off, we will definitely go to Bali again. When will that be? Hopefully very soon!