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Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise, Bali – The most luxury mountain villa in Lovina!

Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, Lovina Hill Paradise stands as a pinnacle of luxury and serenity. Lovina Hill Paradise is a newly built villa, which can accommodate up to 10 guests, that exudes luxury and splendor in every aspect. With its panoramic SPA room providing breathtaking ocean and city views, an infinity pool that blends seamlessly with the horizon, the jacuzzi to relax and a well-equipped gym -with a beautiful panoramic view- to train your body and mind, this villa offers an unrivaled experience for those seeking the epitome of opulence. Whether you choose to relax and unwind or engage in invigorating activities, Lovina Hill Paradise promises a stay that is nothing short of extraordinary.

We offer all our guests a complementary breakfast every day! Floating breakfast is also possible!

Mountain Villa Lovina Hill Paradise, Bali:Airbnb Superhost

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Welcome at Villa Lovina Hill Paradise

As you step inside the villa through two fantastic large entrance doors, you are immediately greeted by a panoramic view that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into paradise. In this magnificent villa, you are greeted by an ambiance of elegance and grandeur. The interior design exudes sophistication, with modern furnishings, luxurious finishes, and tasteful decor. Every detail has been carefully curated to create an environment that epitomizes luxury and comfort.

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Floating breakfast in your private pool

Lovina Hill Paradise can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests, making it an ideal destination for a luxurious group getaway or a memorable family retreat. The villa features five spacious bedrooms, each elegantly furnished and equipped with modern amenities. Every guest will find solace and comfort in their own private sanctuary.  All bedrooms feature luxurious en-suite bathrooms with amenities and a private balcony. Three of the bedrooms have the flexibility to separate the beds into single beds, while the other two bedrooms offer king-size beds.

Step into culinary bliss with our fully equipped, state-of-the-art luxury kitchen. Indulge your inner chef with top-of-the-line appliances, including an American refrigerator, oven, microwave, and coffee machine, ready to cater to your every culinary desire. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or simply love preparing delicious meals, the kitchen is a haven for creativity and convenience. Elevate your dining experiences and treat yourself to the epitome of culinary luxury in our extraordinary villa.

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Kitchen and inside dinning table


Step outside onto the expansive, covered terrace, and be mesmerized by the breathtaking views that surround you. This outdoor oasis boasts a delightful lounge corner where you can unwind and soak in the beauty of nature. The total landsize is 4350 sqm!

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Outside dining table

Gather with your loved ones around the generous dining table, designed to accommodate up to 10 people, and indulge in exquisite meals under the open sky. As you relish your dining experience, let the soothing melodies of your favorite tunes play through the Sonos sound system, creating the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable evening.

This villa not only offers lavish amenities and breathtaking views, but also a chance to indulge in the ultimate outdoor culinary experience with our BBQ.

A masterpiece awaits you—an infinity pool that stretches towards the horizon, seemingly merging with the azure sky and endless ocean. Dive into its crystalline waters or lounge by the poolside, savoring the warm tropical sun and the gentle sea breeze. Whether you seek a refreshing swim or a moment of tranquility, the infinity pool at Lovina Hill Paradise promises an unparalleled experience.

Whether it’s a romantic evening with your significant other or a moment of solitude, our jacuzzi offers the perfect retreat to rejuvenate your senses. Feel the stress melt away as the bubbling water caresses your skin, providing the ultimate sanctuary for your mind, body, and soul. The jacuzzi have several air jets but is unheated.

There is also a Nespresso coffee maker in this luxury villa!
 Gym & Spa Room:
Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Panorama Spa room

The crown jewel of Lovina Hill Paradise is undoubtedly its panoramic SPA room. As you unwind and rejuvenate in this sanctuary of relaxation, floor-to-ceiling windows offer awe-inspiring vistas of the expansive ocean and the vibrant cityscape. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you soak in the breathtaking views while indulging in a soothing spa treatment.

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Panorama Gym

For those looking to stay active, a well-equipped gym awaits your fitness endeavors. Adorned with cutting-edge exercise equipment and offering panoramic views, this gym is designed to cater to your wellness needs. Engage in a rejuvenating workout routine while being captivated by the sweeping vistas that surround you.

Say ‘Yes’, the big day for you and your’s family!
Wedding and Events:

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise is perfect as a venue for a wedding or private event with large common areas, enchanting water features, spectacular views and staff service. We want Villa Lovina Hill Paradise to be a blank canvas that a bride and groom can customize for their big day. The villa is great for weddings, whether small and intimate or larger up to 100 people, family reunions and honeymoons, but the villa is also suitable for external (business) meetings and wellness groups.

Every wedding is customized and we work with you or our outside vendors to make the most of the occasion. We can offer in-villa catering packages up to about 100 people, we have a Pondok Wisata which means we can also offer a bar/beverage package. We highly recommend using a local wedding planner and would be happy to put you in touch with someone who has experience with Villa Lovina Hill Paradise and local suppliers.

Enjoy our infinity-pool (7×15 mtr) and jacuzzi (3×3 mtr) with sunrise or sunset, breathtaking!


Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

At your service

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Happy Birthday decoration

At our villa, we take pride in offering you a truly personalized and exceptional experience, made possible by our dedicated team of professionals. From the moment you step foot into this luxurious haven, you’ll be pampered by a team that goes above and beyond to ensure your every wish is fulfilled. Our staff can prepare also lunch and dinner for you (against grocerie cost).

On request there is is a skilled and talented chef (against extra cost) available to tantalize your taste buds with culinary delights that cater to your preferences. Savor gourmet meals prepared with the finest ingredients, all in the comfort of your own private retreat.

Keeping everything immaculate and pristine is our diligent housekeeper, who ensures that your surroundings remain in perfect order throughout your stay. You can relax and enjoy your time without having to lift a finger.

The lush, breathtaking gardens are a testament to the passion and expertise of our dedicated gardener, who ensures that nature’s beauty surrounds you at every turn.

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount, and that’s where our vigilant security team comes into play. They work tirelessly behind the scenes, providing you with a worry-free environment so you can unwind and embrace the serenity of your villa.

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Villa Lovina Hill Paradise at night

Should you wish to explore the area, our reliable on-call chauffeur is at your service, ready to take you on exciting journeys or simply provide seamless transportation whenever you desire.

Our mission is to create a sanctuary where you can bask in luxury, relaxation, and complete indulgence. Our exceptional team is here to make your dreams come true, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to an unparalleled world of personalized hospitality, where your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Prepare to be enchanted as we elevate your villa experience to new heights.

Full service of the staff all days of the week!


Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

Enjoy sunrise!

Discover the captivating wonders of North Bali, where nature’s beauty unfolds in a mesmerizing tapestry of sights and experiences. Embrace the essence of paradise as you embark on a journey of exploration and serenity. Here’s what awaits you in this enchanting corner of Bali:
Sunrise at Lovina Beach: Witness the magical spectacle of the sunrise at Lovina Beach, as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. It’s a sight that will fill your soul with awe and inspiration.
Scenic Waterfalls: Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of North Bali’s jungles and discover hidden gems like Gitgit and Sekumpul waterfalls. Be spellbound by the cascading water and rejuvenate your spirit amidst nature’s embrace.
Serene Rice Terraces: Step into a postcard-worthy scene as you encounter the captivating rice terraces of Munduk and Jatiluwih. Let the serenity of these terraced landscapes take you on a journey of introspection.
 Breathtaking Lakes: Explore the stunning twin lakes, Tamblingan and Buyan, cradled amidst mist-covered mountains. Engage in tranquil canoe rides or hike to the best vantage points for awe-inspiring views.
Local Markets: Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by strolling through traditional markets in Singaraja and Seririt. Engage with friendly locals and discover unique handicrafts and souvenirs.
Historical Sites: Uncover the rich heritage of North Bali at historical landmarks like Beji Temple and the Banjar Hot Springs. Experience the spiritual essence and architectural marvels of these cultural treasures.
Bali’s Exotic Flora: Wander through the Bali Botanic Garden, a tropical paradise bursting with exotic flora and fauna. Marvel at rare species and lose yourself in the ethereal beauty of this botanical wonderland.

In North Bali, an extraordinary adventure awaits at every turn. Embark on a journey that will leave you with cherished memories and a heart brimming with the magic of Bali’s unspoiled charm. Prepare to be captivated, as North Bali invites you to create your own story amidst its breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality. Come and experience the true essence of Bali’s beauty in its purest form.

The villa is completely private and guests have access to all this privacy and luxury that the villa has to offer.

Must do activities:

Hiking the extensive route and rainforests around the village of Munduk is a fantastic idea for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Algemeen Bali

Rice fields

Dolphin watching in the Bali Sea is a popular and delightful activity for visitors to Bali.
Snorkeling or diving in the nature park Menjangan Island is a remarkable experience for those who love underwater exploration.
Swimming and exploring the many waterfalls, such as Sekumpul, is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty of Bali.
Visiting Singaraja, the historically rich former capital of Bali, is a fascinating experience for travelers interested in delving into the island’s past and cultural heritage.
Bathe in the hot water springs of Banjar. Banjar Hot Springs, also known as Air Panas Banjar, is a popular natural hot spring located in the village of Banjar, near Lovina Beach.
Visit the Buddhist temple in Banjar, known as Brahma Vihara Arama. Brahma Vihara Arama is the largest Buddhist monastery on the island.
Do the Twin Lakes trekking. The trek offers stunning views of the lakes, lush forests, and picturesque hills.
Visit the Bali Botanical Garden also known as Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bali, is a vast and beautiful botanical garden located in Bedugul. It’s a popular destination for nature lovers, with various plant collections, walking paths, and recreational areas.
Enjoy dining, shopping and activities in Lovina. Lovina offers a serene and laid-back atmosphere compared to the bustling tourist hotspots in southern Bali.
Enjoy Krisna adventure park, offering water sports activities including parasailing, jet ski, ATV, climbing and more.

Algemeen Bali


Visiting a local market in Bali is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the island’s culture, interact with locals, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of daily life.
A motorbike ride through the beautiful nature of North Bali is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. The region is known for its lush green landscapes, rolling hills, picturesque rice terraces, and stunning coastal views.
Exploring the crater lakes in the Bedugul area of Bali is a captivating and refreshing experience. The Bedugul region is nestled in the central highlands of Bali and is famous for its two stunning crater lakes: Lake Bratan (Danau Bratan) and Lake Buyan (Danau Buyan).
Visit Mount Batukaru, also known as Gunung Batukaru, is a majestic stratovolcano located in the Tabanan Regency of Bali. It is the second highest peak on the island, with an elevation of approximately 2,276 meters (7,467 feet) above sea level.
Visit Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, also known as Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or simply Pura Bratan, is a famous Hindu water temple located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the highlands of Bali.
Enjoying a massage at a villa can be a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. You can unwind and enjoy your massage in a tranquil setting, away from the crowds, with only the soothing sounds of nature surrounding you.

Lovina is known for its dolphins. These large schools of special mammals can be admired every morning before sunrise. From Lovina numerous fishermen depart with tourists on board in search of the dolphins. The boat can be surrounded by dozens of jumping and playing dolphins. It is usually sufficient to make an appointment with a fisherman 1 day in advance. The trip takes over two hours. You can even arrange to be picked up by the boat in front of the villa and be delivered back home.

You will enjoy a carefree vacation in this beautiful tropical villa with extremely friendly and hospitable staff to have the ultimate vacation!

Included in price:

Experience the epitome of indulgence with our exquisite villa, where every aspect of your stay is carefully curated to ensure absolute comfort and convenience. Delight in the following complimentary offerings:
– 10% Government Tax: Rest easy, as our pricing includes all applicable government taxes, leaving you with no surprises.
-Tourist Tax: Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’ve taken care of the tourist tax so you can fully enjoy your stay.
– Personalized Service: Our attentive staff and helpdesk are at your service every day, ensuring your needs are met with utmost care and efficiency.
– Lightning-Fast Wi-Fi: Stay connected with high-speed fiber internet (30Mb) that allows you to effortlessly share your cherished moments with the world.
– Gourmet Breakfast: Start your days with a delectable treat! Relish a daily breakfast featuring a sumptuous selection of American, Continental, or Indonesian delights.
– Thoughtful Welcome Package: Feel instantly at home with a thoughtful package, complete with refreshing drinks and an assortment of succulent fruits.
– All-Inclusive Utilities: Relax without a worry, as we cover gas, water, and electricity expenses (fair use) during your stay.
– Plush Amenities: Luxuriate in the comforts of our villa with provided bath towels, pool towels, bed linen, slippers, soap, shampoo, shower-gel, dental kit, shaving kit, cotton buts, comb, sanitary bag and shower-cap.
– Convenient Facilities: Embrace the convenience of hair dryers, makeup mirrors, and a safe deposit box for your valuables.
– Free laundry:Have your laundry washed by the staff, convenient and easy!
– Baby-Friendly: We ensure that even our littlest guests are taken care of with the provision of a portable cot and high chair for babies.
– Universal Adapters: For your ease, we offer universal adapters (if available), allowing you to charge your devices hassle-free.

At this villa, we believe that true luxury lies in attention to detail and the creation of cherished experiences.

On-request at additional cost we can organize for you:

  • Real chef to prepare lunch/dinner
    Villa Lovina Hill Paradise - Bali Vacation Homes

    Honeymoon decoration

  • Airport transfers in luxury airco cars with driver
  • Honeymoon/Party/Event flower decorations
  • Dolphin boat tour
  • Private car with driver for day trips or cab services
  • Motorcycle (scooter)
  • (In-house) Massage, pedicure, manicure
  • Day trips such as snorkeling, diving and visits to Bali’s hotspots
  • Babysitter / nanny


  • 2
  • 10
  • Swimming Pool, Airconditioning, Shampoo, Television, Washer.
  • 700m²

Extra Information

  • Newly build
  • Full service of the staff
  • Complementary breakfast
  • Floating breakfast
  • SONOS audio system
  • Free laundry
  • Real chef available
  • Welcome package
  • BBQ
  • WIFI 30Mbps
  • Jacuzzi
  • Panorama Spa room
  • in-house Gym
  • Free laundry
  • Pick up / return transfer available

Check availability

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Prices start at:€310 per night (low season)

Villa location

Buleleng, Lovina, Bali

All our accommodations have hygiene measures in place!

  • -Contactless check-in/check-out
  • -Staff is trained in safety protocols
  • -Cleaned according health guidelines
  • -Hand gel and soap available
  • -Cleaning products offered to guests
  • -Emergency medical kit available

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